“It’s Just Easier”

“It’s Just Easier”

Let’s talk about bodies for a second. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like bodies. I can think of at least one that I really like, but that’s beside the point.

What are bodies, exactly? You’ve got your arms and legs, hips, butts, chests, stomachs, heads, and all the gooey bits on the inside, right? Each of these things make up what you are. Some people have more or less body than others. Some people have taller bodies, some have shorter, some have thicker bones, and some that just seem to have no bones at all. (Seriously, all you flexible people, what did you do with them?)

Without our bodies, it’d be very hard to do the things we enjoy. We couldn’t eat, go out with friends, sit in bed all day doing nothing, turn pages in our favorite books, write books for other people to like, or have those special, intimate moments with our loved ones. No hugs? No kisses? That just sounds terrible.

We depend on our bodies for just about everything. They’re pretty much the most important thing we have. If we don’t take care of them, what happens?



We break down. Things stop working. Little bits and pieces start falling apart. The less you take care of yourself, the faster things fall apart.

So it makes you wonder. If our bodies are prone to break down like machines if we’re not properly maintaining them, then why are so many people doing just that? Why doesn’t everyone take care of their bodies?

The answer is just simple. It’s easier. It’s easier to sleep in every morning instead of getting up to face the world. It’s easier to grab a quick, pre-made meal at a fast food or convenience store on your way to work rather than cooking something yourself. It’s easier to binge watch The Walking Dead on Netflix than it is to workout for half an hour.

You guys, you can’t let something that’s hard keep you from doing what’s best for you. Do you want to live in a house made of sticks because it’s just easier to build? Or do you want to live in a big, comfortable, expertly put together house that will last you for years to come?


In my next post I will talk about the first steps I took to start getting into that figurative house. In the mean time, take a break from your phone or computer for a sec and go get a drink of water. Maybe stretch a little. Can’t you feel that ache in your neck? You’ll thank me later!

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