Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations

When you think of the words “Fit and healthy”, what do you picture in your head? Many people immediately envision a strong, muscular man or slender, well defined woman with perfect features. What if I told you that being fit and healthy doesn’t have a specific look?

Let’s take a look at each of the words individually. Fit, as an adjective, literally means “suitable quality” or “In good health.” It doesn’t mean “big muscles” or “tiny waist” or “thigh gap” or “six pack abs”.

Healthy in turn means “free from disease or pain” or “physical or mental well being”. Again, there is no absolute image of what a healthy person looks like.

Basically, I’m saying that you can be fit and healthy without looking like Brad Pitt or Kate Upton. You can look like you. Every person was made differently. We weren’t all born with the same genetics or bone structure. If we all looked EXACTLY the same, that would start to get boring. (Have you ever seen that short movie Slimtime?) However, one thing we do have in common is the potential to become the best versions of ourselves.


It’s also possible to look muscular and defined without being healthy. I’m talking aside from diseases you can’t really prevent. One particular case that comes to mind is the pop-artist Ke$ha. Very popular throughout 2009-2013. She was a very attractive young woman and always looked flawless. Problem was she continuously suffered from an eating disorder. She wasn’t treating her body properly and had she not taken the steps necessary to get control over it and recover, she very well could have died.

Fitness instructor and popular internet figure Cassey Ho has a very relevant video about how training for a bikini competition left her with something she called “Metabolic Damage”. Here’s a link to the video for anyone interested. She talks about how long periods of intense exercise and restricted calories can mess with your metabolism. Specifically, once you go back to a normal routine and diet, your body just starts storing everything and it can lead to a lot of unwanted weight gain.

So how do you know if you’re healthy if it doesn’t come with a certain look? Obviously you can get a checkup with your doctor and do all the necessary tests, (regular checkups are a good idea anyway. You never know what might sneak up on you.) All you have to do is take a look at how you feel. Are you tired all the time, or do you have plenty of energy to make it through the day? Are you getting refreshing, restful sleep most nights, or are you restless and feel like you just can’t no matter how tired you are? Are you happy or always in a bad mood? Can you keep up with your kids(or your extra roudy friends), or are you usually falling behind cause you just don’t have the energy to keep up? Basically, when you’re healthy, your body will work smoothly and you’ll generally feel good throughout the day.

I think beautiful is unique, and unique is beautiful. What makes you beautiful are all the parts of you that make you different from everyone else. I believe there’s no such thing as a “worst feature.” Every part of you makes you who you are.

So the next time you look in a mirror, don’t focus on what parts you can change, focus on what you can improve. (Yes, there’s a difference.) You may not be able to change your looks altogether, but you can absolutely improve what you have. You are beautiful by being you.

3 thoughts on “Realistic Expectations

  1. Hi there, I really enjoyed reading this. As someone who has struggled with food in the fast, I value my health and well being all the more now. I love that you mentioned Cassey Ho’s video because her Pop Pilates videos did a great deal for me. They taught me to enjoy exercise in a healthy, well-paced manner. There is so much more to life than to judge yourself (or someone else for that matter) on their imperfections. Lovely message you’re bringing across here.
    Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts and posts with our community of health, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts over at “The Active You”? We’d love to hear what you have to say. You can check us out over at!

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    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! Cassey has been a big help and inspiration for me as well. I’ll probably be quoting her a lot in the future, haha.

      I would love to participate in your community! I’ll take a look!

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